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Why is my character not on this list?

These high scores are composed of people who enter their Runescape character(s) name in the RSN fields on the RSBandB forums. There are certain requirements for being active on the forums including length of membership, and activity on forums. The current requirements are:

  • You must have been a member of the RSBandB community for at least one month
  • You must have posted at least once in a forum with post count in the last month
  • You must have logged in to or visited the forums within the past week

These requirements may change at anytime, as we only want active community members on this list, not people who just joined the community to be on the high scores and not participate within the community.

What happens to my accomplishments and progress if I am gone from the forums for more than one week?

They are saved for up to 6 months, just not shown till you meet the requirements of being on the high scores again. If you do not meet the requirements again within this time frame, they will be deleted.

What happens to people who put fake names or names that do not belong to them in the RSN fields?

These people who abuse the system will have their forum account banned from being on the highscores and will recieve warnings on the forums.

What are these crazy zamorak, guthix, and saradomin god rankings?

They are ranking systems I made up to rate which god you are most 'in tune with' based on your skill levels.

  • High Zamorak Ranking means you train skills that are in tune with Zamorak's ways of destruction.
  • High Guthix Ranking means you are very balanced in your skills.
  • High Saradomin Ranking means you train skills that are in tune with Saradomin's ways of peace and wisdom.

When do the High Scores update?

The High Scores grab data from the official Runescape Hiscores every day at 06:00 GMT.

More FAQs to come…