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Levels Color Scale

Color Scale
1 50 99
Skill Rankings for Cook Me Plox

SkillsLevelXP to LvlProgressXPRank
AttackNot Ranked
StrengthNot Ranked
DefenceNot Ranked
HitpointsNot Ranked
MagicNot Ranked
RangedNot Ranked
Prayer31 1,255 15,20189
SummoningNot Ranked
Fishing33 1,940 18,28491
Cooking90 504,010 5,398,82167  
Firemaking52 17 136,57786 
Woodcutting28 44 11,98790
Fletching50 1,695 110,25086
Crafting39 743 36,48190
Smithing38 2,536 31,11290
Mining18 386 3,58791
Herblore51 1,900 121,76081
AgilityNot Ranked
Thieving15 150 2,59690
SlayerNot Ranked
Runecrafting75 76,625 1,259,81877
Farming26 430 9,30087
HunterNot Ranked
Construction48 3,273 88,44887
Dungeoneering51 1,912 121,74882
Divination16 359 2,75687
InventionNot Ranked
ArchaeologyNot Ranked
Duel TournamentNot Ranked
Bounty HuntersNot Ranked
Bounty Hunter RoguesNot Ranked
Fist of GuthixNot Ranked
Mobilising ArmiesNot Ranked
Barb. Assault AttackNot Ranked
Barb. Assault DefenceNot Ranked
Barb. Assault CollectionNot Ranked
Barb. Assault HealingNot Ranked
Castle Wars GamesNot Ranked
ConquestNot Ranked
Dominion TowerNot Ranked
The CrucibleNot Ranked
GG Resource RaceNot Ranked
GG Athletics6175
WE1 Saradomin Team ContributionNot Ranked
WE1 Zamorak Team ContributionNot Ranked