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Levels Color Scale

Color Scale
1 50 99
Skill Rankings for Eilonwyoflyr

SkillsLevelXP to LvlProgressXPRank
AttackNot Ranked
StrengthNot Ranked
DefenceNot Ranked
HitpointsNot Ranked
MagicNot Ranked
RangedNot Ranked
PrayerNot Ranked
SummoningNot Ranked
Fishing86 208,048 3,764,24675  
Cooking26 738 8,992111
FiremakingNot Ranked
WoodcuttingNot Ranked
FletchingNot Ranked
Crafting80 196,637 1,996,18184
Smithing80 206,158 1,986,66087
MiningNot Ranked
HerbloreNot Ranked
AgilityNot Ranked
ThievingNot Ranked
SlayerNot Ranked
RunecraftingNot Ranked
FarmingNot Ranked
Hunter17 151 3,372106
ConstructionNot Ranked
DungeoneeringNot Ranked
Divination80 200,177 1,992,64180
Invention36 61,391 570,62868
Duel TournamentNot Ranked
Bounty HuntersNot Ranked
Bounty Hunter RoguesNot Ranked
Fist of GuthixNot Ranked
Mobilising ArmiesNot Ranked
Barb. Assault AttackNot Ranked
Barb. Assault DefenceNot Ranked
Barb. Assault CollectionNot Ranked
Barb. Assault HealingNot Ranked
Castle Wars GamesNot Ranked
ConquestNot Ranked
Dominion TowerNot Ranked
The CrucibleNot Ranked
GG Resource RaceNot Ranked
GG AthleticsNot Ranked
WE1 Saradomin Team ContributionNot Ranked
WE1 Zamorak Team ContributionNot Ranked